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 MGP film/doc/book UPDATE 2023 


December 2022 - January 2023

Looks like filming for  Machine Gun  Preacher 2 will start in Northern Uganda later in 2023 and hot rumour is Nick Cage looks like he'll be playing Sam Childers. We don't have that 100% confirmed yet but sources within the organization have whispered to a fairly reliable source.

As for the documentary its due to start the filming 1st quarter of 2023. Childers also has his ghost writer in Uganda in Jan to finalize his 3rd book rumored to be called "The most Unlikely". Its to be released in Germany 1st the beginning of the 3rd quarter and then the US in August 2023.

Looks like a busy 2023 for MGP.

MARCH 2022

We are all little on edge at the moment as COVID restrictions are supposed to be  lightening up to vaccinated travellers into Uganda where we will start shooting MGP2. Issue is we are not seeing this and have switch dates to June... unfortanly that the way the world is at the moment.


Looks set to start filming in March-May 2022 with a start in Uganda and South Sudan - sources say Europe will be part of the filming as Sam Childers speaks at some events - exclusive interviews with celebrates could happen and then wrapping up in the US. We've been told it will be made by Aussie documentary Maker Kevin Evans who also was involved in the 2014 made run and gun show. (MORE TO COME)

 JANUARY 2021 

In 2011 the Machine Gun Preacher (MGP) movie was released.  It didn’t do terribly well at the box office, although it picked up very credible sales on DVD, rentals, and on online sales. In later days it has become a bit of a cult style movie.


Sam Childers, on whom the movie is based, is also affectionately known as the Machine Gun Preacher.  He became an international celebrity overnight with television networks, in print and online media organizations around the world wanting to do stories about his life - along with wanting to know more about Gerard Butler, who played Childers in the first MGP movie. 

JUNE 2022

Filming was due to start early June 2022. With COVID still rearing its ugly head even though the government changed restrictions in May we decided to cancel filming until later in the year. No confirmed dates yet. Keep watching this page for updates


Machine Gun Preacher the documentary has been pitched as a 2022 start with the 2nd quarter rumered.

Unknown at this stage is who is to produce and film the 2nd chapter in the life of Sam Childers. We've been told its about all the wars/battles of Sams over the last 25 years and that he is still there today rescuing children.

It'll have lots of action and drama... seems to be wherever Sam Childers is there's always plenty of that (MORE TO COME)

 AUGUST 2021  

2022/3  looks set to be the year that Machine Gun Preacher ll will start filming.  No release date has yet been set. 

Rumour has it that the actor to play Sam Childers is on a fairly busy schedule - and so is the REAL Sam Childers.  Sam has become a sought after speaker around the world and is in huge demand.  Everyone at the MGP office in Pennsylvania is pretty tight-lipped about the new movie venture.

As far as the director, we are thinking it won’t be Marc Forster and Jason Keller won’t be the script master on this one.  We do know that there is an Australian and British connection - maybe there is a clue here.


Machine Gun Preacher - Sam Childers is about to tour the USA for his first speaking tour of 2021. (SEE HERE)

Sam should have more news about what is happening with MGP 2 (The Last Rescue). Maybe go out to one of his events

COVID has slowed MGP Story-boarding down but not Sam Childers as he still is keeping things very much alive on the ground in East Africa. Check out the page for what's happening

The Last Rescue (MOVIE)

"Fact or Fiction"
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Possible Actors
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Story Line


We are told that the movie is Childers "Last Rescue" before he hung up his guns in South Sudan - although anyone that knows Childers will tell you he'll never hang his guns up.

Apparently it's based on a true story (Rescue) and he brings out some of his old school friends to help him do his "Last Rescue".

We can also safely say that the story is set in Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Congo (DCR). It'll actually be filmed in some of the areas where Childers battled rebel leader Joseph Kony and his LRA militias.

Most of the actual movie is said to be filmed in Uganda and Childers' hometown area in Central City Pennsylvania.

The question on everyone's mind is: Who will play Sam Childers in the New Machine Gun Preacher?

Rumours tell us that Gerard Butler has been approached but then again so have some other well known male characters that are also able to grow a mutton chop beard on their face.

We also understand that the script was ghost written by a recognised writer and that Childers had a good say as to what the film would stand for.

We asked Sam Childers about the film and he seemed a little tight-lipped, although he did tell us that we are in discussions with some large players in the industry. We believe that to be in Hollywood and also the UK - Hmmmmm that could be a clue to the actor maybe? 


Anchor 2

Sam Childers created a lot of media attention not too long ago with

his own Reality TV show - Check out the trailer above.


Well we cannot say for sure although we have been told from an extremely reliable source that Michael Shannon (Michael played Childers' best friend who died of a drug overdose in the first movie.

Childers and Michael are good friends in real life and Michael has gone out of his way many times to help Childers and his Angels of East Africa team on projects in Eastern Africa.

Childers has called in a few favours from friends in Hollywood to get this over the line although we've also heard of connections in Georgia and Texas that have got copies of the script and are also keen to be involved in the film project.

Childers has not long re-married : he and his previous wife parted company some years ago, so there won't be a Michelle Monaghan in this movie - well, not at this stage anyway.

Al Burke, more commonly known as Mr Outrageous, may also have a role somewhere in the picture as we have seen him meet up with Childers on many occasions when he visits Los Angeles.

The rumour mill is hot and this movie is set to go - it has a series of possible backers who love the work that Childers does in Eastern Africa.

It's yet to be seen where the next moves will come from as Childers himself is pushing hard to make this film happen, although by what we are told, he probably won't have to push too hard to get his film over the line.
Childers has quite a global following that's been generated by his International speaking tours.
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